1:1 Technology

Portage Township Schools
 Willowcreek Middle School

Fred Joseph

6thGrade Math/Science Teacher


Dear Parents:

 I’mproud to inform you that this school year I was chosen to pilot the 1:1technology initiative for math at the sixth grade level. Through thisexperience your child will have the opportunity to use technology inexciting new ways in efforts to enhance the curriculum that has beentaught. Please be patient and supportive as I learn to incorporate thesenew technologies into our daily schedule. 

One of the programs we will be using is Edmodo. Edmodocan be incorporated into classrooms through a variety ofapplications. Current uses include posting assignments, creating pollsfor student responses, embedding video clips, create learning groups,post a quiz for students to take, and create a calendar of events andassignments. Students can also turn in assignments or upload assignmentsfor their teachers to view and grade. Teachers can annotate theassignments directly in Edmodo to provide instant feedback.

Weare also excited to bring to sixth grade the opportunity to use KhanAcademy. Khan Academy is an online resource that supplements classroominstruction and provides tutorials and enrichment.

KhanAcademy publishes videos on short, specific math objectives. Thesevideos are paired with practice sessions that adapt to the student’sresponses. Hints are available, and students can master out of anobjective. We will be setting math goals for each student that arerelated to the work we are currently doing in class.

Inorder to access the tutorials and the recordkeeping aspect of KhanAcademy (student progress is saved and teachers can monitor student workand accomplishments), each student must have a parent email address onfile. If you do not have an email address one will be provided for theiruse (This will not be a personal email for the student). This will giveyou the opportunity to be your child’s coach and monitor their progressalso.

Today’s students are certainly 21stcenturylearners, and we are thrilled to be able to bring the ability to usethis adaptive resource to our students. Khan Academy can be accessed viainternet from wherever a student is, whether at home, library,classroom, Starbucks, brother or sister’s soccer practice field…. Youget the idea!

Pleaselet me know if you have any questions. Please provide your emailaddress on the following attachment and have your child return it assoon as possible.

Thank you,

Fred Joseph

6thGrade Mathematics/Science

Willowcreek Middle School