1. Be prepared. owl
This includes being on time, and bringing needed materials to class.
  1. Respect yourself, others, and property.
This includes listening when the teacher or another student is addressing the class, conducting yourself in a non-disruptive manner, and caring for the classroom and classroom materials.
  1. think
There are many ways in which we know what is expected of us. We have classroom rules, we have the Willowcreek School handbook and school-wide expectations, and we have the accepted norms of our society. Most of the time we know whether our behavior is appropriate or not. Always strive to be a good citizen in the classroom.


Part of our job is to help you learn responsible behavior.  If the classroom expectations are not met, we will help you get back on track in this manner:

v       Verbal reminder

v        Possible detention

v        Call home

v        Behavior contract

v        Parent-teacher conference

   v Office referral