General Information

General Information:


home work

Homework will be assigned when students need to finish an assignment from class or practice a particular skill.  There will be homework every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday unless otherwise indicated by the teacher. IN addition to regular homework, we require your child read to you or alone for at least 20 minutes a night.  Reading improves test scores and skills in all academic areas.  Also, it is still important as students get older to continue to ask them about what they are learning in school.  Ask to see their planners and initial it, ask to see the book they are reading, ask about what tests or quizzes are coming up on Friday.  Communication is a key to success. 



Required Materials: Bring these items to every class! pencil


          Blue or black pen
             A.R. book


          Assignment book

          Subject related materials (spirals or notebooks per the request of the teacher)


 chaulk board

Accelerated Reader and SSR

We will all participate in sustained silent reading three times per week for 20 minutes in addition to our school-wide read-in on Tuesday mornings.