Passing Period

Common passing will be after mod 3 and 8/9.  Those are the times to visit your locker and use the restroom.  Be sure to leave your back pack in your locker in the morning before school.  School policy prohibits back packs in the classroom.



When you return from an absence, it is your responsibility to get your make-up work from each teacher.  Homework must be made up in a day for day timeline.


Late Work

Late work will be accepted.  If you are having trouble meeting a deadline, don't wait until the day it is due to talk to your teachers.  Let us help you!


Extra Time

Sometimes you will finish your work early in class.  While you are in school, we expect you to use all of your time wisely.  If you have extra time in class, you may read, work on assignments from another class, or work on enrichment activities provided for that class.