Accelerated Reader Expectations

Accelerated Reader Expectations.

All WMS students are expected to read daily. The 6th grade requirements are as follows:

Read daily and  complete the Reading Log Homework
Earn 20 or more AR points each Quarter
Read and pass the AR test for at least 1 Young Hoosier (Grades 6 - 8) Book each semester

Parents role

Discuss your child's book - ask them questions- who, what, where, when, why and how

Encourage them to complete their book in a timely manner

Give them a quiet relaxing place to read without interruptions
Make sure the Reading Log is  completely filled out and 20 or more pages  have been read daily.

Model for them- if students see you reading, they might pick up a book, too

Students role

Pick books within your AR range

Read at least 30 minutes daily, fill out log
Take at least 1 AR test every 2 weeks


Teachers role

Assist students in getting books within their level

Provide opportunity for students to take AR tests (not during instruction)

Book talk- students share what they are reading with the class

Offer SSR time

Rewards and Consequences

Students who achieve or exceed their AR goal will be eligible for various rewards, including special field trips.

Students who don't meet their AR goal will have consequences, which may include detentions or Wednesday classes.