Science Class Parent information

Dear Parent:

The Science teachers of the Portage Township middle schools are excited the new program that we are using for the second year. The way your child learns science may be quite a bit different from the past.

Here are a few details about our new program:

Students will be actively engaged in learning hands-on science through exploration. The

Inquiry-based FOSS middle school modules require students to investigate and analyzephenomena in order to construct meaning of the natural world.

Students will keep and maintain a composition notebook in the science classroom.The notebook is the place where students predict, record, and analyze their observations. It is also a place for students to write important information, such as reading notes and vocabulary, and to reflect on their own learning.

Student progress will be measured regularly and grades will be calculated using the following percentage distribution.


10% Classwork/ Homework--study guides, background reading, review activities, at home data

collection, and independent practice that are done outside of the classroom.

10% Power Indicator Quizzes—quizzes over the content that has been

identified as the most important. Students have multiple opportunities

35% Quizzes—exit cards, teacher observation, quick writes, content quizzes.

45% Tests—Unit tests, lab practicals, End of Term assessments and End of Course


Assessing the student’s progress in science looks different from traditional grading methods.

Ifyou have questions about your child’s progress or grade, please contact your child’s teacher for an explanation. We encourage you to sign up for weekly grade updates through the PowerSchool parent portal.

We hope that your child is motivated and excited by the intriguing activities that we perform at school. If you have questions about theFOSS program, you can visit the or contact your child’s teacher. For details about notebooking or your child’s academic progress, please contact the teacher.


The PTS Middle School Science Teachers