Team Expectations

Purdue Boilermakers

Learning Strong!

Team rules:

  1. Observe all rules in the student handbook.
  2. Be on time and prepared for class with all appropriate class materials.
  3. Be respectful of yourself, other students, all adults and property of WMS.
  4. Use appropriate classroom behaviors.

Team discipline:

First incident, individual conference with teacher

Second incident, team conference with student

Third incident, parent phone call

Fourth incident, referral to administration


Students must make up any missed work when absent from school. Students are responsible for completing absent work in a timely manner. Parents are encouraged to call for a homework request and the students work will be available for pickup at the conclusion of the school day.

Missing/Late Work:

Teachers will accept missing work up until 1 week before the grading period ends. Points may be deducted for late assignments.


Students are not allowed to bring backpacks into the classroom as they often end up in the aisles and become fire hazards.

Teacher will provide:

1. A structured learning environment modeling organization and responsibility

2. New opportunities for learning success

3. Fun and rewarding projects aimed at reaching each child's readiness level

Expectations of students:

1. A positive attitude and an open mind

2. A willingness to learn

3. Be a problem solver