Team Expectations

Screaming Eagles

"Soaring to New Heights"



Required materials:

  • Paper, pen, pencil

  • Agenda  

  • AR book

  • Binder

Team rules:

  • Observe all rules in the student handbook.
  • Be on time and prepared for class with all appropriate class materials.
  • Be respectful of yourself, other students, all adults and property of W.M.S.
  • Use appropriate classroom behaviors.


Team discipline:

  • First incident: Individual conference with teacher
  • Second incident: Team conference with student
  • Third incident: Parent phone call
  • Fourth incident: Referral to administration




Students must make up any missed work when absent from school. Students are responsible for completing absent work in a timely manner. Parents are encouraged to call the office for a homework request and the student's work will be available for pickup at the conclusion of the school day in the office.


Missing/Late Work:

Teachers will accept missing work up until 1 week before the grading period ends. Points may be deducted for late assignments.


Teacher will provide:

  • A structured learning environment that models organization and responsibility
  • New opportunities for learning success
  • Fun and rewarding projects aimed at reaching each child's readiness level



Expectations of students:

  • Cooperation
  • Participation
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn
  • Problem solving




Grading Scale:

A         100-90%

B         89-80%

C         79-70%

D         69-60%

F          59% and below


Weighted grades:

Science:                      15% Classwork

                                    15% Homework

                                    10% Indicator Assessments                                   
                                    25% Tests
                                  25% Quizzes 

Math:                           10% Class work/homework

                                    25% Indicator assessments

                                    25% Quizzes

                                    40% Tests


Language arts:           10% AR
                                   10% Class work/homework                                   
                                   20% Indicator Assessments

                                   30% Writing

   30% Tests


Social studies:            15% Homework/classwork

                                    35% Quizzes/indicator assessments

                                    50% Tests



Screaming Eagles contact information:


Mrs. Rotzien: phone 764-6421,email


Mrs. Bieker: phone 764-6417, email 


Mr. Alaniz: phone 764-6419, email