February 15th
The A team won 42 to 13. Izzy Shields led the way with 13 points, Chyla Jenkins had 11 points, Gabby Shields had 8 points and Brooke Bommarito added 7 points. Everyone that played gave a great team effort!!
The B team lost a close one by 1 in overtime 25 - 24. Crystal Morris led the way with 7 points, Sonia Martinez had 6, Abby Lewis added 4 and Hayleigh Manville had 3. All the girls gave a great effort.
Ms Hilsmier would like to congratulate Emma Hart for completing the 40 book challenge! She has completed many wonderful books this year including four Young Hoosiers. Way to go Emma!!

February 14th
2018 Blood Drive
The Blood Drive was a huge success.....34 people registered, 32 pints collected, 96 patients will benefit!!!!  Special thanks to the Honor Society students who volunteered their time to help work the blood drive and all the students who recruited a donor!
Completing the TJ Sweep, your Lady Braves handed the Vikings a loss.  Giving the B team a 4 and 0 record!!!!
An agressive offense and dominating defense limited the Vikings from scoring!
Scoring for your Lady Braves B team were:
Victoria Espinoza - 2 pts.
Jasmine Martinez - 2 pts.
Elena Lugo 0 4 pts
Meagan Delgado - 8 pts
Kaylee Williams - 12 pts
Every Player gave it their all, and Coach Vee is extremely proud of each and Everyone of you!
The Lady Braves next game for A and B is away at Hobart.
The library will be closed to students and staff until 9:30 this morning.
Readers retreat will meet in A-9 today.
The Cyclone Team is proud to announce another new member of the AR 200 point Club! Congratulations to Autumn Schubert!

February 13th

NWEA Drawing - We are very excited about the reports we are getting from the students about how much they improved on their scores.  We will be having a drawing later today for some prizes!!!  Hopefully your name is drawn!!
No Sign Language Club today.  It will resume on 2/20.
There are no Study Tables today!
Art Club will not be meeting today. Keep creating art on your own, see you next week!
Science Academic Team meeting has been cancelled for after school today. Please check Schoology for an update on our next meeting.
LAST CALL!!  Mrs Edwards has just a few spots left for the Navy Pier Dinner Cruise!! If you are still interested you MUST see her today!  Please go to her office and let her know you are interested.
Congratulations to Laila Ibrahim, the Cyclone Team's newest member of the AR 200 Point Club!!!

February 8th
There will be no Social Studies academic team meeting today. The next meeting time will be posted on schoology, so please watch for a message in the next few days.
Athletic Strength Conditioning flyers are on the counter if you are interested in it. This is through the YMCA.
The Boilermakers would like to congratulate Christian Dudley for making it into the 200 point club! Great job, Christian!

February 6th
The 6th grade dance is tonight!  It is directly after school until 4:30 .  The cost for the dance is $5.00.  There is no activity bus for the dance.  Pick up is in the back between Aylesworth and Willowcreek.  

February 5th
The Winner of the Pop Tab War for Hannah's Hope is........7th grade!!!!!  Good job everyone.  7th graders you will get your prize tomorrow during lunch.
Attendance Winners for December and January
6th grade:
Hero classes - Ms Fashing, Ms. Thacker
Trophy winner: Ms. Travis
7th grade:
Hero classes - Mr Constandars, Mrs. Haupt
Trophy Winner - MS. Jeffrey
8th grade:
Hero Classes - Mr. Berkhols, Ms. Bouma
Trophy Winner - Mr Kuehl
Classes that improved over Novembers attendance : 
Ms. Pohlplatz, Ms. White & Ms. McKee
Congratulations to Adrian Orozco, the Cyclone Team's newest member of the AR 200 point club! Great job Adrian!
On Saturday, Members of the Band of the Band and Orchestra competed in Solo and Ensemble. The Band had a fantastic day with 16 Gold Medals received.
Rhegan Quinones, Amanda Quigg, Amanda Purnick, Reece Fischer, Kaniz Witherspoon, THe Lancaster trio, The Quigg Septet, Joshua Castillo, Cimone Gordon, Ravinder Singh, Caleb O'Neill, The O'Neill Sextet, Elijah Casillas, Alexander Rodrigues, Alyssa Ramos, and the Rodriguez Quartet.
Congratulations to everyone  who participated in Solo and Ensemble this year!
Congratulations to all orchestra students who participated in the solo and ensemble competition this past Saturday! All students had wonderful performances and Miss. Bouma could not be more proud of them! WMS orchestra received 29 gold medal events and 1 silver event. Congratulations to the following students for performing:
Maggie Underwood, Abby Whited, Morgan Malaski, Chloe Szumanski, Rebekah Harrold, Akeyria Gutierrez, Abby Ringer, Amanda Liang, Ilija Kirov, Kimberly Tran, Isaac Alic, Kaitlyn Shields, Leylany Jimenez, Rhianna Pfeiffer, Peyton Geary, Gohan Cerros, Jenna Ibrahim, Zach Crizer, Alyssa Scobey, Lori Moreno,Kenneth Bennet, David Davich, Krystal Kramer,Emma Williamson, Sarah Smith, Alyse Comstock, Kayla Mitchell, Emma Sulski, Maddie Lopez, Dylan Butterfield, Clara Harbart, Mattie Davis, Madison Spicer, Maggie Delph, Natasha Gould, Shadi Lemus,Xander Ables, Omar Lemus, Maya Lavendusky, Kait Penrod,Thea Shupe, Emilee Martinez, Jenna Cruz, Ali Conrad,Trinity Costilla, Julissa Cuadrado, Riley Jones, Mia Turner, Kaitlyn Santaguida, Bri Espino, Sara Mitchell, Faith Walker, Sara Faulkner, Jayla Johnson, Amanda Purnick and Kaydence Lancaster.

February 2nd
You can helpl save a life by asking adults in your life to give blood at Willowcreek's 9th annual blood drive through the American Red Cross. Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood. You can make a difference - simply by asking someone to come donate blood. It will be in the Willowcreek cafeteria on Thursday February 8, 3:00 - 7:00.
Check out the Wizards flyer on the counter!!!
Sign Language Club will start on Tuesday, February 6th from 2:45-4:30 in room B16. If you are unable to make it to club on any day, see Ms Janiga for your handouts. Make sure to have a ride home or be ready to take the activity bus. Teachers are welcome too!
Be on the lookout for WMS hashtag posts positive. What's WMS hashtag posts positive? 
It's an interactive way to share positivity throughout the school.
The WMS hashtag Posts Positive board will be in Jungle Hall near the library. If you are feeling positive, you can write and leave your happy message on the board for someone that might need a pick me up.
If your are down in the dumps, you can take one of the positive messages from the board. Hopefully you will keep that positive energy with you and then return with a positive message of your own another day.
The board will be up through February and it will be monitored, so please keep all the messages positive.

February 1st
 In last nights game against Whiting, your Lady Braves strong defense prevented the Oilers from victory!  Your Lady Braves B team improved their record to 3-0!! Scoring for the Lady Braves were.....Megan Delgado 1 pt., Ryanne Sandifer 2 pts, Mikalah Patterson 2 pts, Kaylee Williams 4 pts, and Elana Lugo 4 pts.  Coach Vee is extremely proud of ALL of you! Your Lady Braves next game for A and B is Monday at Kesling Middle School.
What is your favorite candy from Albanese Candy Factory? Do you like the gummy bears? Sour worms? Triple Dipped Malt balls? Well soon you will have a chance to buy and sell your favorite Albanese candies in our upcoming fuundraiser! You will get 1 snack bag of gummi bears for selling 1 item! Let your family know we will be starting our fundraiser on February 12th and all proceeds help fund the various student activities at Willowcreek, like the Mega Party!
The Wizards are coming to town!!!  Check the counter for Flyers and information.
Sign Language Club will start on Tuesday, February 6th from 2:45-4:30 in room B16. If you are unable to make it to club on any day, see Mrs. Janiga for your handouts. Make sure to have a ride home or be ready to take the activity bus.  Teachers are welcome to join too!
Kyleigh Robinson has read 74 books so far this year and has 991 points!!
The Willowcreek girls remain undefeated on the year with a solid 12 point win over Highland. ALana Switzer and Riley  McCormack led the Braves in scoring with 8 points each.  Cita DelValle scored 3, Taylor Enright 2, Bella DeLeon 4, and Liberty Wilson chipped in 4 points for the 4-0 Braves.
The Braves 7th grade B team improved to 2-0 on the new season with a convincing 20 point win over the Trojans. Kaylee Williams and Emerson Ross led the Braves in scoring as seven different players scored. The B team will play Whiting A tonight.