April Announcements 04-27
Highlights from the last three 7th grade girls' track meets:
Two 1st place finishes and one 2nd place go to the 4x2 relay team of Amanda Purnick, Amanda Kmetz, Julianna Estrada, Lynnia Perry, and Da'Ja Jones
Izzy Shields scored two 1st place finishes and one 3rd place finish on the 75m hurdles.
Amanda Purnick went away with two 2nd place finishes in the 100m dash, and Juda Frazier received a third place.
In the mile, both Crystal Morris and Allison Conrad have received a 2nd and 3rd finishes.
Da'Ja Jones has taken two 1st places in the 400m dash.
In the 800m run, Allison Conrad has gotten a 1st and 3rd place with Crystal Morris getting a 2nd and 3rd place.
Da'ja Jones continues her dynamite running streak, coming away with 1st place in all meets so far in the 200m dash.
Maya Lavendusky has used her strength to go home with all first place finishes in the shot put, throwing an impressive 28 feet at the first meet of the year.
Izzy Shields used her height to her advantage taking two first place finishes and one second in the high jump. Gabby Shields close behind her sister with a second and third place finish. Jade Hhuley and Emilee Martinez with second and third place finishes against Hobart
Jade Huley long jumped her way to a ribbon in all three meets, earning two firsts and one third place. Ella Lucas also earned a third place ribbon in the long jump.
Great News 8th Graders!!
Mrs. Edwards says you have 1 last opportunity to join the Navy Pier Cruise on May 19th. If you are interested, you MUST see her today! This is your last chance so don't delay!!
Mr. Haupts Health Classes are reminded to meet in D6 today.

6th grade girls beat Taft in Monday's meet 52-44
First place finishers were:
4x400 Relay Team - Ava Neal, Ria Rich, Camryn Jaramillo and Bella DeLeon
4x200 Relay Team - Makayla Patterson, Wrigley Barcelli, Bella DeLeon, and Ella Stokes
4x100 Relay Team - Ava Neal, Ria Rich, Makayla Patterson, and Ella Stokes
Camryn Jaramillo - 1600
Makayla Patterson - 200m dash
Elizabeth Ford - High Jump

Second place finishers were:
Marraya Rivera in hurdles
Ava Neal - 100m dash
Camryn Jaramillo - 800
Reagan Claussen - Shot Put
Wrigley Barcelli - Long Jump

Third Place Finishers:
Bella DeLeon - 100m dash
Marraya Riveria - 200m dash
Aubrey Logan - Shot Put
Taylor McKenzie - Long Jump
Each Wednesday, remember to wear your 100-point club t-shirt in order to take advantage of a weekly reward. Tomorrow, if you wear your shirt you'll be able to wear pajamas. Next week, wearing your shirt will allow you to wear a hat. Keep reading!
The winner of the Kindle Fire from the REGIONAL Student Credit Union is .......Evelyn Cuellar!!!!   Congrats Evelyn
Last night the 7th grade boys' track team took on Crown Point Taft. Even though the team came out on the losing end, there were some good individual performances.
Tylee Swopes - 1st in hurdles
Cameron Coker - 1st in 100, 3rd in long jump
Tyler Cravens - 2nd in high jump
Josh Ortiz - 3rd in high jump
Josh Ortiz - 3rd in shot put
Blake Wolfe - 3rd in hurdles
Brandon Woods - 3rd in 100
Luke Elwood - 2nd in mile, 3rd in 400
Connor Mose - 3rd in mile
Rich Linzy - 1st in 800
Ian Garzella - 3rd in 800
The 4 by 400 team also took 1st place.

Highlights for the first three 8th grade girls track meets:
Jaedyn Lowe - 1st place in hurdles, 100 and 4x100
Analise Franklin - 1st place in hurdles, and 100 and 4X100
Diamond Howell and Jaida Bayron and Madelynn Zeman - 1st in the 4X100 relay.
Diamond has also taken 1st and 2nd place in high jump and has placed first in the 400 dash in all meets.
Morgan McCulloch has finished 1st in the 1600M and 800, along with Emilee Craigin taking a third place finish and a 1st place finish in the 800 against Taft.
Lenina Santos has also come up with a 3rd place finish twice for the 200 dash.
Jaden Hibbard has been a strong contender in the shot put with first and second place finishes.
Kristen Vanderludt has placed 1st and 3rd in the long jump with Shelby Payne-Gall taking a second place finish against Hobart. Shelby is also a second place finisher in the hurdles.

The 6th grade boys lost a tough meet to crown point Taft. 52-44
1st place finishers for your Braves:
1) Jaray (The Jet) Tucker 100 and 200
2) Ryan (crazy legs) Gresser - 400
3) The 4x100 relay team of Mr. Tucker, Mr. Gresser, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Titus.
The Boys have CP Wheeler at home Thursday night.

The 8th Grade boys track team took on Crown Point Taft last night posting a season-high 48 points. The line up resulted in several event sweeps - including the 100, 200 and 400M dashes as well as the 400m relay.
Top athletes of the night were:
Owen Remmel - 2nd hurdles
1he 100M dash sweep of 1st - Chris Ortiz, 2nd Austin Hogenson, 3rd Xavier Aponte
Gavin Shaefer - 1st in 1600m run
Lucas Miller - 3rd 1600M run and 3rd in the 800m run
The 400m dash sweep of 1st Jaden Polen, 2nd Keegan Lockwood, and 3rd Owen Pittman
Ben Goffette - 1st 800m run
The 200m sweep of 1st Austin Hogenson, 2nd Chris Ortiz and 3rd Darius Goshay.
The 1st place 400m relay team of Austin Hogenson, Chris Ortiz, Xavier Aponte, and Darius Goshay
Seth Kennedy - 3rd Shot Put
Team MVPS from last night's meet -
Everyone on the team who used their spot on the roster to post many season best times.

Attention 8th grade Honor Society Members. There is a mandatory meeting on Wednesday, April 26th inn Mr Atherton's room (G0). The meeting will last until 3:30. Officers should plan on being at meeting until 4:15. Thank you.

The Nursing Home Committee will meet today, Tuesday, and  Thursday in room 216 during lunch. See Ms. Littke for a lunch pass.
The Orbitting Jupiter book club will meet online from 7:00 - 8:00 PM  tonight in our Schoology group. Anyone interested in starting with our second group, please see Mrs. Bieker in the library.

Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Smith have selected students to participate in this year's student/teacher day. Selections were based on grades and good behavior throughout your time at Willowcreek. It was a difficult task to narrow the list as there were many great student applicants!
If you were selected you will be receiving a letter of congratulations sometime today. We will also be having a mandatory meeting on Thursday, following announcements in room C1.
The student selection list is also posted in Ag (Guidance)
Attention 8th grade students!!
Today is the last day to sign up for student teacher day. If you are interested and haven't signed up, do so before you leave school today.  Sign up sheets are in the front office and the guidance office.

The Math Academic team will meet tomorrow, 4/35, after school until 4:15.

Any 6th or 7th Grade student still wanting to submit an application for next October's Florida Trip needs to see Mr. Malaski in room A8 as soon as possible to get this taken care of. Spots for the trip are filling up fast, so please don't delay.

The 8th grade boys competed against Hobart on Thursday night. Top competitors in the events were:
Owen Remmel - 2nd Hurdles
Chris Ortiz - 1st 100m dash
Ben Goffette - 2nd 800m run
Blake Shulte - 3rd Hurdles
Jaden Polen - 3rd 400m dash
Austin Hogenson - 3rd 200m dash
Mark Fausto - 3rd long jump
The 6th grade boys track team got off to a great start with at 68-27 win over Hobart.  First place finishers for the Braves were:
Cory (the animal) Titus in the hurdles
Jaray (The Jet) Tucker in the 100, 200
Andru (The Magician) Levenson in the High Jump
The Boys travel to Crown Point on Monday night.
The Math academic team will meet tomorrowApril 20, after school. If you can't come because of track then stop by room C2 during the day tomorrow to pick up some materials.  
Any 6th or 7th grade student interested in becoming a participant in next October's Florida Trip who was unable to attend last night's meeting, please bring your yellow information request slip to Mr. Malaski in room A8 to get your information packet and application. Spots are beginning to fill up, so please don't wait to get your information packet. Any student with a completed application and deposit needs to turn it in to Mr. Malaski in room A8 as soon as possible.
Study Tables last day will be Thursday April 27th.
Attention Seventh Grade students. Today, some of you will be receiving an invitation to join the National Junior Honor Society. If you receive a letter there is a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, April 18th before school in Mr. Atherton's room (G0). If you cannot attend please see Mr. Atherton, Ms. Holman, or Ms. Hilsmier. This meeting is for seventh grade students.

There will be a Student Council meeting on Tuesday, April 18th until  3:30. You must have a ride at 3:30. If you do not have a ride please skip this meeting. The meeting will be in Mrs. Schugars' room.
Would you like to be Mr. Malaski for a day? Maybe Mr. Alaniz or Mrs. Wright???....8th grade student teacher day will be Friday May 19th 2017. Candidates must have good grades and good behavior..There will be sign up sheets in the main office and in Guidance.....any questions see Mr. Lynch and/or Mrs. Smith.
Congratulations to Zander Ables.  He scored 4 goals in the Indy Burn Soccer tournament.
Each Wednesday, remember to wear your 200-point club t-shirt in order
to take advantage of a weekly reward. Tomorrow, if you wear your shirt you'll also be able to wear a hat. Next week, wearing your shirt will allow you to skip to the front of the lunch line. Keep reading!

US Open Robotics Nationals Summary:
Team K (Myles and Grant) was National Champs, winning the Open Division "Skills Challenge" for scoring the highest points in driver and autonomous control of the robot.
Tied for 3rd - Middle School Team A (Zander, Damico, Dillen, Nate and Jared)
The team received compliments from judges, volunteers and the event organizer for their performance and conduct as an entire team.
A large group of parents traveled and provided fantastic support. Our bus driver was superior and had great driving stamina for the long trip.
The kids really exceeded all expectation. It was a great day for Portage!!
The Nursing Home Committee will meet today in room 216 during lunch. Please see Ms. Littke for a lunch pass.
Picnic tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Bring your footballs,
frisbees.  The Kona Ice truck will be here if you wish to purchase a Kona Ice treat.
The Math Academic team will meet tomorrow,April 11, after school in
room C2.
We are in need of parents to volunteer for the Reality Store.  It is  May 11th. from 7:45 - 1:00.  Call 763-8090 if you have any questions.
04-10  We will be having our Picnic on Wednesday at lunch on the Football Field. ....bring a frisbee, a football if you would like.  The Koona ice truck will be here if you would like to bring money to buy one.  The Math competition team will meet in Mrs. Moore's room, B-8, today after school until 3:45. A teacher will stay for any students that need to take the activity bus home.
Congratulations to Andrew Bilyak for being chosen to attend the West
Point Camp-o-Rama through the boy scouts. We are so proud of you Andrew.
The Pay It Forward Club will meet BEFORE school Tuesday, April 11th.
Be in the library at 7:10 AM and bring ideas for Earth Day.
The Math Academic team will meet Wednesday, April 12th, after school.
Co-Ed Summer Flag Football - If anyone is interested there are flyers on the counter.
Any 8th grade girl basketball player who is planning on ordering extra
conference championship gear needs to turn in their form and money to Coach Swindle before the end of the day on Wednesday.
Students who signed up for Mrs. Bieker's online book club: your pink slip and $15 deposit are due today. When you bring in your deposit, she will give you t he book. If she doesn't have the deposit, you will have to wait until the next session to join.
We will be hosting an informational meeting for all 7th graders and their parents about  next years Washington DC trip on Monday, April 17th, at  5:30 PM in the Fegely Cafeteria. Next years trip is planned to take place on April 6-9, the weekend after spring break.
The bottom portion of your yellow invitation is due today,  If you went on the Florida trip and want to participate in the pizza party.
Congratulations to Clara Harbart who earned/qualified to be an All-American Scholar for Pop Warner.  She will be traveling to Philadelphia to be honored.  So proud!!
Attention Volleyball Players:
If you are a 7th or 8th grade girl next school year you are invited to attend the Portage High School Middle School volleyball camp this summer June 19, 21, and 22. Cost is $35. Additional information can be picked up in the main office.
If you are a 9th grade girl next fall and you are interested in trying out for the high school team there is information available in the  main office that you need to pick up.
The Nursing Home committee will meet today during lunch in room 216.
Please see Ms. Littke for a lunch pass.
All 8th grade girls' basketball players need to stop by Coach Haupt or Coach
Swindle's room before the end of the day today.
The Hurricane Team would like to congratulate Josh Ream for earning his way into the 200 point club this year. We are so proud of him! Keep up the amazing example for your fellow readers. Please see Miss Keaton for your t-shirt and listen to the announcements for all the perks that come with your membership.
The Willowcreek Academic teams competed in Valparaiso last night. The English team finished in third place, the Math and Social Studies teams finished in fourth with the Social Studies team missing third because of a tie-breaker, and the science team had a strong showing. The coaches are proud of the students and thanks them for their hard work.
Kings Island coupons are on the counter!!!
The Jump Start weight training is now over.
PHS Cheer Tryout Packets for the 2017018 School Year are available at the Willowcreek office. Packets must be completed and returned to the PHS Athletic Office by Thursday, April 13th.
You should have turned in your yellow sheets to go to the Florida Trip party.
04-03 There will be a student council meeting on Tuesday after school in Ms. Schugars room until 4:15. Please have a ride or plan on riding the activity bus.
A big push by 6th grade Team Valor put them over the top for the March
Pokemon Go reading contest. They earned 1,270 points for the shortened month-an average of 11.9 points per student. Two 8th grade teams-Valor and Instinct tied for second place with an average of 10 points per student. April will be the last month for the contest, so make it count!! 04-04
PHS Cheer tryout Packets for the 2017-2018 School Year are available at the Willowcreek office. Packets must be completed and returned to the PHS Athletic Office by Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Coupons for Kings Island are on the counter in the office.  If you are interested come pick them up.
Each Wednesday, remember to wear your 200-point club t-shirt in order to take advantage of a weekly reward. Tomorrow, if you wear your shirt you'll also be able to wear pajamas. Next week, wearing your shirt will allow you to wear a hat. Keep reading!
The Nursing Home Committee will meet today, Tuesday and Thursday during lunch in room 216. Please see Ms. Littke for a lunch pass.
Tomorrow is Late Start Wednesday!!! School will start one hour later.

Any 8th grade athletes who have been participating in the Jump Start weight training program at the high school, it is now over and will no longer be meeting because of scheduling conflicts with track and baseball.