Accelerated Reader FAQ's

Q - How do I know if a book is on the Accelerated Reader List?
A - Please don't tell me you look for books with AR stickers on them!  We haven't put stickers on books for years!  The easiest way to tell is to use the AR Quiz Store Link located on the computers in the Media Center, or you can also use the link located on our Willowcreek Media Page.
Q - Can I get a printed copy of the AR List?
A - Sorry, there are over 120,000 books on the AR List.  And new titles are added every week.  A printed list would be over 2000 pages long.  So printing one out isn't really an option.
Q - I found a book on the AR List, but I can't find it in the library?
A - Well, as mentioned before, there are over 120,000 AR tests.  We do not have nearly that many titles in our library.  But we're trying!
Q - Where can I take an AR Test?
A - You can take an AR Test on any school computer at Willowcreek.  But some teachers may have rules that prohibit taking tests outside their classrooms.
Q - Why can't I take an AR Test at home?
A - Sorry, that would make it way too easy to cheat.
Q - Where can I find out my AR Username and Password?
A - Your English teacher is always your first option.  If not, ask in the Media Center.  If you've forgotten your username - you can use the "Find Username" option on the student login page.  Your password is the last 6 digits of the bottom number on your student ID card.
Q - Why can't I re-take a test that I've failed?
A - That's the way the program is designed.  Again, this is designed to prevent cheating.  Allowing "re-takes" would encourage guessing.
Q - How can I find out which tests I've taken or how many points I've earned?
A - Login to AR just like you're going to take a test.  Then select "View Quizzes Taken."  This menu allows you to view your AR Quizzes by a number of options.