Friday Focus

Friday Focus
6 April 2018

Hello Willowcreek Family. This is Ms. Stewart and here is the Friday Focus message for this week. Our mission is educating, empowering and inspiring excellence. There are 4 items of interest to follow. If you miss any part of this message, visit the Willowcreek website or Facebook page where it will be printed in its entirety.

1.  Our Students of the Week for this week are: 6th graders: Javon Wade and Leanna Monteiro. 7th graders: Cristian Vasquez and Emily Cisneros. 8th graders: Riana Astorga, Sara Faulkner and Alexis Banks. Principals’ Choice goes to: Jayden Ruiz and Tyrianna Elder. Well done all!

2.  Our Lost & Found pile is quite full again. Please check to see if you are missing some items of clothing from your house.

3.  Registration for the next (2018-19) school year will be this year from April 25 through May 11. All families - in all grades - will be required to prove residency before the school year ends. More information will be coming. It is extremely important that we have your correct address in the system. Please make sure that you alert the school whenever your address or phone number changes.

4.  There will be an eLearning Day on Tuesday, May 8. Several of the schools in our district are designated polling places. In order to ensure the highest level of safety for your children, we will not hold classes when non-school related adults are exiting and entering the buildings for voting.

Thank you.
Have a great weekend.