Friday Focus

 Friday Focus

28 February 2020


Hello Willowcreek Family.  This is Ms. Stewart and here is the Friday Focus message for this week.  Our mission is educating, empowering and inspiring excellence. There are 5 items of interest to follow.   If you miss any part of this message, visit the Willowcreek website, Peachjar or Facebook page where it will be printed in its entirety.   

  1. Congratulations to this week’s Students of the Week.  6th graders: Zaden Arndt, Laila Moses, Jasleen Kaur, Tavion Harris and Annabelle Dover.  7th graders: Nhiaa Ramirez, Sanaa Conway and Grace Foor. 8th graders: Xiu Xiu Wang, Arianna Cowger and Lucas Nowobilski.Well done all!

  2. Wednesday, March 4 is our next Late Wednesday.  School will begin exactly one hour later at 8:25.  Buses will also pick up one hour later.

  3. Students who plan on participating in Track need to have a physical on file for this school year.  Track begins in March and students must have the physical before they can be part of the team.

  4. Please be aware that our dress code is still in effect.  The most violated code is holes above the knees; please make sure that if your child is wearing pants with holes they are wearing leggings underneath or the holes have permanent patches on them.  

  5. Parents are reminded that students may not bring ANY medication with them to school.  This includes items such as Tylenol or Advil. Students who are found with these items are subject to expulsion from school.  If your child needs to take medication at school, contact our school nurse at 764-6414.



Thank you. 

 Have a great weekend.