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NorthShore Telehealth Clinic

Clinic Parent Consent Form:
Willowcreek Middle School is proud to serve as the pilot school for the NorthShore Telehealth Clinic. This new service is available to all Willowcreek Middle School students through NorthShore Health Centers starting April 1, 2019. The Telehealth Clinic can provide medical care for your child when they become ill during school hours. 

When a child presents symptoms of illness that are beyond the scope of care for our school nurse, children with a consent form on file may use the NorthShore Telehealth Clinic. Students who visit the Telehealth Clinic will be seen by a healthcare provider with NorthShore via two-way conferencing between the provider and Willowcreek's school nurse. The state-of-the-art technology allows the provider to receive high-resolution visualization of the ears, throat, and skin, as well as sounds of the heart and lungs. Providers with the NorthShore Telehealth Clinic are able to provide diagnoses and treatment for acute illnesses such as:
  • Strep throat
  • Ear infections
  • Rashes
  • Influenza

Prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy you list for your child, and NorthShore will bill your insurance for all services. 

A consent form must be on file and renewed every school year for students to use the Telehealth Clinic. Parents are guardians will always be contacted prior to their child being seen, and you are welcome to sit in on your child's visit to the Telehealth Clinic. The NorthShore Telehealth Clinic is not intended to replace your primary care physician, but it is a service that allows our students to quickly and easily obtain health care, reducing the amount of time they may be out of school due to illness. 

If you are interested in having your child use the NorthShore Telehealth Clinic, you must fill out the consent paperwork below and turn it in to the main office at Willowcreek Middle School. 

Click Clinic Parent Consent Form below to download and print the consent paperwork for your child to see the provider at the Telehealth Clinic. This paperwork must be on file prior to your child's visit with Telehealth Clinic. Please submit your paperwork to the main office at Willowcreek Middle School. Consent forms must be submitted each school year.